Alexandra Bruce
July 11, 2014

Clif High (a nom de plume, for sure – and I’m happy to support his right to privacy) is a Resident of Washington State. That’s all he really wants anyone to know about him – except that he also has a deep respect for the local Native American cultures and for Asian cultures, as well. And he likes boats.

Clif comes from a US military family which, in his case, did not leave a good taste in his mouth and everything that was revealed to him, through multi-generationally-derived skills and potentially by other methods, resulted in a distinct LACK of warm, fuzzy feelings towards militarism and corporatism.

So here’s the report. I’m going to decode it. I am a linguist, too and have been receiving his reports since 2006 and know his acronyms and how to “English” the sometimes impenetrable output of his readings.

I’ll leave his untouched version, beneath my decoding attempt. These are just the text of scrawlings…Clif’s audio is a highly-granular and extremely intense voyage into our near potential futures – a voyage, which I highly recommend that you experience for yourselves!


Data Intelligence Report, forecasting immediate future manifestations, via predictive linguistics, covering the period from July 2014 through 2025 (the main focus is on 2014/2015).

There is intensive language about July 20/21. (No year specified).

Linguistic structures are appearing again in public websites which the web bots have picked up, regarding a magnetic pole shift, a magnetic anomaly over the American continents; Ultra Violet radiation; other forms of radiation; a consequent dislocation of a large amount of people is seen, related to housing, in the USA and North America, during the summer of 2014.

A housing renaissance is seen in 2015 onward.

US-based corporations’ disguised products: A “Bifurcated Currency”.

Dynamic forms of protest will appear; debt repudiation and the emergence of 5/five new charismatic leaders.

New, Self-Organizing Collectives of like-minded people.

There will be Earth expansion effects [NB: Clif High contends that our planet is in the process of expanding in size, a theory that is not officially accepted by geophysicists but is not unheard-of]; drought reinforced by fracking, glacial shifts, planet-wide, with resulting impacts on ocean currents and weather patterns.

UFO/ET/Sentient Outer Space connections will be noted.

Housekeeping issues. If on FIXED income do NOT send Clif donations. Instead, spread the energy outward.

Clif thanks you, sincerely.



Immediacy Data Intelligence Report forecasting future manifestations via predictive linguistics covering the period from July 2014 through 2025 (main focus 2014/2015). Language about July 20/21. Linguistic structures about magnetic pole shift, magnetic anomaly over the American continents, UV, other rads, diaspora, housing USA/NA summer 2014, housing renaissance 2015 onward, USA corps disguise products, bifurcated currency, dynamic forms of ‘protest’, debt repudiation, 5/five new charismatic leaders, new SOCs, earth expansion effects, drought reinforced by fracking, glacial shifts planet wide, impacts on ocean current, weather patterns. SpaceGoatFarts connections. Housekeeping issues. If on FIXED income do NOT send us donations. Instead spread the energy outward. Thank you sincerely.

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