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by nutopiansg
May 2, 2010

What’s under the Mediteranian Sea? What did the Himalayas do to Africa? Can one see Cairo (Mars) from Mount Everest.?

Look up “Bimini Road”; the sunken roadway, Phonecian-style mooring circles and stone anchors off the cost of North America-Atlantis…

DWARF STAR Nemisis has entered the Solar System; expect three and a half years of effects at as little as 15% probability of being really serious. Coastal flooding, crust shift of 1,200 miles at 1.6 mph, don’t let you and your neighbor get caught unprepared.

By the way, in my research, i have found only one mention of a magnetic pole shift mentioned in university texts and it was a one million years ago. In the new civilization game, we might take the tunnel boring machines that are being used to build the secret underground bases to punch some holes through the Himalayas to let cool moist air through. This might, if the math was done, renew the Sahara Desert so the Zulu can return to their homeland and Iran and Iraq could have rain again.

Perhaps wind driven trains could be included if there is enough pressure. If you doubt the flood, type “Atlantic Mediteranian Flood into Wikipedia. It’s happened several times and will happen again. Also, the Black Sea Flood, this is probably Noah’s Flood, makes more sense than Sitchin’s Antarctic glacier shelf. Apply Occam’s Razor, here.The Jesuits would have discouraged this info from being taught.

Alexandra Bruce

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