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April 15, 2012

We don’t have time to be ignorant anymore

NDAA and NDRP are huge attacks on our constitutional rights. Whether or not this law or a similar law was put in place 50 years ago, it is a terrible breach of our constitutional rights and huge mistake that has knocked down the scales of justice. The branches of powers cannot be kept in balance when the executive branch takes this kind of power. The NDAA was bad enough, add NDRP to the list and we have a full on war against the people. This not only affects every American citizen, but every person in the world. Do your own research. Many people will not stand for this, will you?

If you are amongst the rest of the country either laughing at these current elections, or shaking you head in embarrassment, then you really should do some research on Ron Paul. He is the only candidate that will protect our constitutional rights in a time of economic collapse, which we are currently facing. Obama has already proven he is willing to take away our personal liberties during a time when they should be protected. People who take advantage of vulnerable nations, are not people you want running this country. Wake up please.

Vote Ron Paul.






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