In 1953, the tobacco companies, tired of being at war with each other, met to form a common front. Although they knew then that 94% of lung cancer deaths were smokers they issued “The Frank Statement” in which they denied that smoking causes cancer.

This is described as the biggest public relations campaign in all history.

Dr. William Farone, former director of research for Phillip Morris, states that he initially joined the company to search for ways to make cigarettes safer. After hundreds of millions of dollars were spent to find these ways none were ever implemented.

One mother complains that there is no food in the house, but her husband “would rather spend last coins on cigarettes than food for the children.” She asks, “How can I stop him when he is addicted?” The children ask for money with which to buy cigarettes. When they are told no, they turn to theft.

Collot claims that the industry is not on the ropes; it is winning.

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