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    Alexandra Bruce
    May 21, 2014

    Richard Dolan has been one of the most respected investigators in the field of UFOs, ever since the publication of his excellent, groundbreaking book, ‘UFOs and the National Security State,’ re-released with the original title as a subtitle and re-titled: ‘The Cover-Up Exposed, 1973-1991.’

    Richard takes on the subject from a purely historical basis. His first book demonstrated a direct correlation between the 1947 Crash at Roswell and the passing of the National Security Act, plus the formation of the CIA 4 months later, to protect the new technology from falling into enemy hands, during that post-war environment.

    There is no airy-fairy *anything* in his books.

    He’s also a friend of mine and a bit of a ham, which may account for the “wildstyle” editing of this webcam video 🙂

    Still, his intelligence and wit shine through, along with the strength of his argument, if there are still any doubters in the world as to the reality of Unidentified Flying Objects.

    Richard will be presenting at the CONTACT in the DESERT event, this upcoming August 8-11, 2014 – as will I, with the premiere of a new film that I’m Co-Producing, which you’ll be hearing about soon…

    (Go, Richard!)

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