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    Looking at the the 1996 Port Arthur massacre in Tasmania, it’s quite clear that the greatest mass-shooting in Australia’s history was a staged event. 35 people were killed and 23 injured and it remains one of the deadliest shootings worldwide committed by one person. It shares eerie resemblances to the several mass-shooting incidents seen in the US in recent years.

    This “shooter”, Martin Bryant is now serving out the 35 life sentences handed down after his conviction. Bryant has an IQ of 66. Everyone who knew him said he was a very gentle sweet young man. In fact, a wealthy eccentric woman who had befriended Bryant bequeathed to him her entire net worth and assets when she passed away. This gentle simpleton was independently wealthy and living in a mansion. He was hardly the stereotypical “disgruntled employee”, “terrorist” and showed no signs of being a homicidal maniac, in any way. 

    As for the American mass-shootings, there is strong evidence that many of these were security drills for first responders, which were portrayed by national news outlets as real events. All of these tragedies, whether staged or real were swiftly followed by calls by members of the government to pass gun control legislation.

    False flags are an old technique for effecting political policies. The declassification of Operation Northwoods shows that the US Government officially considered murdering innocent civilians for the purpose of creating the necessary public outrage to generate support for a war against Cuba. Originated by the US Department of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1962, the proposal called for the CIA or another US agency to commit terrorist acts and to kill innocent civilians. The Cuban government wold be blamed, in order to convince the world that Cuba was a dangerous country that threatened peace in the Western Hemisphere. Luckily, this proposal was rejected by President John F Kennedy.

    Similar to the recent rash of apparent false flag mass-shootings in the US, there was a security drill in operation at the same place and time during the Port Arthur massacre and numerous other indications that this was a false flag event.

    Although the succeeding calls for gun control in the wake of these mass-shootings in the US have failed to cause a significant change to US Constitution’s Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms, the Port Arthur massacre was quickly followed by the introduction of gun control laws by Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, the “National Firearms Programme Implementation Act of 1996”. This act restricted private ownership of “high capacity semi-automatic rifles, semi-automatic shotguns and pump-action shotguns, as well as introducing uniform (federal) gun licensing and it was swiftly passed into law, with bipartisan support by the Australian Commonwealth, states and territories.

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    • Martin is a 100% patsy to this Cabal job. Anyone in the ”Killing” game knows it. An 80% kill rate via head shots is not possible by a 66 IQ retard.
      The professional that was tasked with this operation was way beyond Elite. Whoever took out all the cafe patrons was in a class even Olympic Gold medal winners would be aghast with. This ”Gunman” blew 26 people away firing from the hip and scored and 80% kill shot to the head!
      The Government could give Martin 100M rounds and 20M people to practice on and never come close.
      100% a dirty Psyco-Op. Worked well.

      • Martin Bryant doesn’t exist. He was a fabrication played by a local actor to give the hoax some credence amongst locals,
        In a typical theatrical twist, this actor actually still works at the Port Arthur historical site and takes groups around as part of the tour.

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