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    Alexandra Bruce
    August 16, 2013

    Last week, I ran a well-received English-language Norwegian-made documentary about crop circles, which exulted in the mystery of this phenomenon and left many viewers with an uplifting sense of wonderment.

    Today’s British-produced documentary on the same subject has a decidedly more hard-nosed quality, while allowing space for those who wish to luxuriate in delusion, to indulge in this, as a lifestyle choice.

    The self-described crop circle “researchers” who dominate the subject believe that no more than 20% of these dazzling geometric formations are man-made, with the majority being produced by some paranormal agency related to UFOs, extra-terrestrials and silver orbs filmed floating over fields around the time the formations are made.

    The man who in 1992 released an infamous film of silver orbs flying over the fields, while classic crop circles are formed beneath them before your very eyes explains why he created this hoax. The film seized the crop circle research community at the time and many researchers to this day do not believe him.

    So, National Geographic makes its own silver ball hoax video, although this would be far easier to achieve 15-20 after the 1992 film, when technological developments in computer generated imagery had made these effects far less expensive and easier to manipulate.

    The researchers doggedly argue that human beings cannot make designs that are so symmetrical during the short hours of darkness of an English summer.

    The National Geographic producers introduce hoaxers who are able to replicate a large and extremely complex Mandelbrot set in a wheatfield during the 4 hours of night.

    The researchers claim that fake crop circles leave behind no energetic traces of paranormal activity, whereas “real” ones leave behind soils that are higher in nitrogen and traces of radiation in the microwave range.

    National Geographic finds a scientist who tests formations that are allegedly “real” versus man-made and finds no differences, in either of these regards.

    So, now that I have offered two high-quality films with conclusions that are essentially 180 degrees apart, I’ll leave up to you to make up your own minds about this boggling subject!

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