Alexandra Bruce
February 2, 2015

Wow, I’ve never seen Dubya make sense before! It’s the awful truth!

But as the host, Kyle Kulinski says, it’s his complete acceptance of this fact that makes it noteworthy, given that he was the “Leader of the Free World”, at the time he said this – as someone who might conceivably have been a position to do anything about it. But of course, we know where his bread was and is buttered – and it led the US to depths of corporate depravity, on a scale never seen before.

People who hate when I complain about Dubya, instead of Obama can take comfort in my assessment that the latter may as well be carrying out Dubya’s 8th Term.

The degree to which we have been willing to accept the atrocity of being governed by financial interests, instead of anything resembling the Founding Principles of the US, a fact which has let down everybody on the planet, not just Americans is something that we need look at.

Some call it the “Failure of Humanism.” I think it’s the failure of several individual human beings, especially over the course of the 20th and 21st centuries – not that greed and corruption were invented during this time – but the degree to which corporate interests have put been ahead of those of human beings; of ALL of the People of the United States, this arrangement has never been so dire during my own lifetime.

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