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March 28, 2011

The video broadcast yesterday was about something that is either a small, viable prototype of a “plasma”-fueled craft – or else a bogus perpetration of this, officially announced by the Iranian government…

In that videos’s accompanying interview, the alleged engineer of the craft suggested a link between his creation with the widely-publicized — and widely-debunked (and un-debunked) “UFO over the Dome of the Rock” event, which was also covered widely by the mainstream media last February.

So, there’s certainly a lot of media manipulation going on, here…

And here’s some more. In this newly-produced Iranian government-sponsored film below, the conquest of Jerusalem is vital to the fulfillment of the “End Times” prophecies of their state religion.

This clip is being posted for educational purposes. I think it is good to understand how peoples’ beliefs affect their actions.

I cannot help but to notice, in this text (below) by Iranian writer, Reza Kahlili & in the translated state-sponsored video, the many resemblances between these Shia Islamic beliefs and other Abrahamic “End Times” beliefs, such as those relating to the “Rapture of the Christian Church,” of Protestant Fundamentalism or those pertaining to the coming “Mosiach” of Fundamentalist Judaism.

It appears that the belief in similar prophecies among all Abrahamic groups may, to some degree be driving the events we see today in the Middle East.

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