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    Tyler Bass
    Forbidden Knowledge TV
    March 27, 2015

    The moon’s orbit path is off of the earth’s orbit around the sun by about 5 degrees. At two points called nodes the moon’s orbit crosses the plane of the sun. And at these nodes, most of the time, the moon is biannually between the sun and the earth. Then, if the moon is in front of the earth, the earth gets a solar eclipse; if behind, a lunar.

    In the distance between the earth to the moon could fit all seven other planets in our solar system with 8,000 kilometers left over. During a lunar eclipse, the moon can completely block out the sun. Because the sun is both 400 times larger and farther away than the moon.

    The lunar eclipse show won’t go on forever, though. Millions of years from now, as the moon grows more distant from the sun, the moon will only partially be able to cover up the sun.

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