There’s a lot of speculation as to why the US and NATO went into in Libya in 2011.

Very little background is given from the Libyan point of view of events.

Gaddafi had started the Great Manmade River Project over 25 years ago; the world’s largest irrigation project. Beneath the ground there lies the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer, the largest deposit of fossil water. Some of the world’s purest water.

Libyans dreamed of “greening” the desert.

They would be able to produce enough food so feed all of Africa, easily if this project were to come online. Incidentally, this “Great Man-Made River” was scheduled to be completed in 2015.

This is something the mainstream media tends not to cover, as the war there continues.

It’s known that the globalist have done just about everything they could to suppress African nations from progressing so they could rob them of their natural resources. The globalists overthrow governments, put in their puppet dictators, lend them money at rates they will never be able to pay back and buy the countries for pennies on the dollar. This was done to dozens of Third World countries, throughout the 20th Century.

There was also was Gaddafi’s plan for the gold-based African Dinar, which could have de-stabilized the fragile dollar and Euro.

The easiest solution? A mass-propaganda machine inciting protest, violence and then spun to start a war, in the name of “freedom.”

US depleted uranium bombs and bullets now pollute the ground and water, as they do in Iraq and what was once the most prosperous nation on the African Continent lays in tatters, with angered locals plotting revenge.

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