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    by Oilift
    June 1, 2011

    Did you know that every year, the equivalent of 100 Exxon Valdez spills goes down the drain, in the drips and drops of petroleum waste that end up in street run-off and sewers and into the oceans and other natural bodies of water?

    When every garage, marina and shop replaces all their toxic cleaners and captures and composts their waste oil with this patented and patent-pending technology, we will be on the way to solving the largest form of water pollution in the world. Due to the cost savings there really is no more excuse for not cleaning up this pollution. It’s a win for the environment, a win for the business owner and a win for the employees who will be much healthier.


    Most people believe that the pollution killing our oceans, lakes and rivers is from major spills such as the one created by the Exxon Valdez. The truth is that major oil spills represent less then 4% of the oil pollution problem. The research done by professor Ken Hall at the University of British Columbia has shown that the largest form of this pollution is from the accumulation of small spills that occur when you start and stop your car. The oil sticks to sediment, washes down the drain and settles to the bottom of waterways. This poisons the base of the food chain, kills off living organisms and effectively creates what are referred to as “lost” streams.

    Based on statistics from the petroleum associations, we know that over half a billion gallons of oil escapes annually into the North American environment alone. That’s over a hundred Valdez spills per year and these are very conservative estimates. When asked to speak on this subject in 1996, David Anderson, who was then the Government of Canada Federal Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, stated “We have a major crisis in the oceans. If we don’t start undertaking effective measures internationally, we are dead.”

    Typically, environmental problems are dealt with by protests or through attempts at legislating new laws to protect the environment and public safety. Living in a democratic society, it is obvious that these approaches to pollution control are valid methods of creating change. However, in the case of hydrocarbon pollution, especially from urban runoff, virtually every person is a contributor to the pollution. To solve the problem, Kevin Daum proposed ten years ago that one way to create change would be to commercialize an environmental solution by offering consumers an economical choice that would work better than present toxic cleaning products. He then developed the initial Oil Lift™ process and cleaners to remove oil from surfaces. A US patent was issued in February 2002 for this process.

    Oil Lift™ poured onto a stain begins the oil biodegradation process. The oil is then either recycled or is mopped up with an absorbent pad into a bucket of water. This wastewater is finally poured onto gravel or grass where micro organisms in the soil complete the breakdown, thus preventing the oil from entering the aquatic system. A 30 second commercial can be viewed at that shows the process.

    Fred & Gerry the guys at the workshop have discovered a number of additional valuable applications. They diluted Oil Lift™, placed a plastic sheet down for floor protection and sprayed the solution on old wallpaper. Oil Lift™ broke down the adhesive, allowing the wallpaper to slide the floor. They also experimented with Oil Lift™ to remove layers of dirt and smoke residue from walls and floors. In one efficient application they were able to have these surfaces ready to apply paint or sealant without having to deal with toxic chemicals and fumes.

    With the product and process developed, a number of major retailers have chosen to back the program. Having Oil Lift™ on retail shelves provides a broad outreach for education on oil problems and their solutions. When their customers realize they can get better cleaning results easily by replacing a wide variety of toxic cleaners with one government certified Ecologo product, the decision to switch to Oil Lift™ makes perfect sense for ecological, economical and health and safety reasons. It can be used for cleaning concrete, asphalt, wood, tiles, grout, engines, boats, bilges, windows etc. It can even be used in your washing machine to clean and remove oil from clothing. Consumers will know that they are helping to save our watersheds and oceans with no additional cost or effort to themselves.

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