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July 6, 2012

Here is the original video that launched a thousand books, blogs, television segments – but as of yet – no blockbuster Hollywood action movies.

The original proponents of this grandaddy of all conspiracy theories describe how a 1943 radar invisibility test at the Philadelphia Naval base created a “time loop” to a 1983 secret underground base in Montauk, where experiments in mind control, time travel and genetic engineering were carried out and hundreds of young boys were tortured in the process.

Below is a little something that I wrote about the legend of the Montauk Project for the website, way back in 2001.

The Montauk Project
Alexandra Bruce
January 22, 2001

You’ve got to love a story that is stranger than any fiction but claims to be the God’s honest truth. What could be more fabulously outrageous than the idea that your tax dollars have subsidized the demented experiments of an evil cabal of Navy brass, CIA shrinks, fugitive Nazis and Reptoid ETs? What could be more fantastic than the vision of them pow wowing together for a little high-tech, tantric voodoo? How very spicy, that this panoply of government geeks and their alien pals fired up interdimensional vortexes by means of a buff, naked dude who was jacked into a psychotronic chair — while sporting a raging boner!

Now, THAT’S entertainment. Laugh while you can, Monkey Boy but things will never be the same: They say the universe we call home is artificial; a mirror world that split off from the Original Universe when the Montauk Project started to go awry in the late 1970s.

Pondering the veracity of these claims precipitates a lively debate in one’s head about the all-too-real implications of Quantum Mechanics, the Many Worlds Interpretation and Observer Created Reality. These are the current cutting edge scientific explanations for how reality works, with mathematical theorems and particle accelerator experiments that have seemingly proven them. Indeed, tests of these theories are presently being conducted at the very same Brookhaven National Lab cyclotron said by Montauk Project survivors to have generated the gigawatts needed for the nearby Camp Hero time travel and mind control experiments.

The Many Worlds Interpretation is an application of the subatomic theorems of Quantum Mechanics to the larger, more familiar scale of matter that we call “reality”. The MWI posits that every possibility in reality IS happening. “We” (down to the smallest subatomic particle) are all perceiving and creating infinite parallel universes, constantly. Montaukians and the MWI agree that we each have myriad versions of ourselves simultaneously existing in an endless “smear” of parallel worlds, locked into similar time-track illusions but with slightly different variables, extending infinitely.

The essence of the Quantum Theory of Observer Created Reality is that there is no such thing as an OBJECTIVE reality “out there”: it’s all in our heads. Everything is consciousness. One begins to see why time travel and mind control experiments would go hand-in-hand…

Though the Montauk Project ceased in the 1983 of our timeline, it is said to be fully operational in numerous parallel worlds. These activities occasionally bleed through into our reality and there is talk about alternate Montaukian timelines threatening to collapse into and merge with ours, entirely. (Whatever THAT really means!)

You had to be there! If you like weird science, look no further. The Montauk Project is one-stop shopping for every conspiracy theory imaginable, electro-physics-psychobabble, mind control, Pleiadians, Greys, the New World Order, Black Magick, closet queens and Delta Force operatives being sent back in time to scam Jesus or change the outcome of World War II. Experiencers swear on their lives that it all really happened. They remember it like it was yesterday (or six thousand years in the future).

Philosophers ask, “If a tree fell in the forest and nobody was there to see it, did it really happen?” The Montaukian corollary is: “If you believe you went to Mars, who’s to say you didn’t?”

Whatever you may believe about the mental health of the Montauk Project’s proponents and whatever core beliefs you may hold dear that are violated by what they discuss, you’ve got to love them for getting you to think about reality, consciousness and untapped human potentials in a whole new way.

The chief benefit from the study of the nuclear-age pop cult homily of Montauk is this: Everything you can imagine is true, so choose your thoughts thoughtfully, choose your beliefs carefully and choose your REALITY wisely . . .


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March 22, 2011

Preston Nichols, Duncan Cameron, Peter Moon 1993.

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