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Alexandra Bruce
July 21, 2014

It took 30 years, the death of her father and the end of Apartheid for Sandra Laing – a black child born to white parents in rural South Africa – to find her mother. This is her story.

When Sandra was born to white parents in 1955, her skin was undeniably darker. At 11, at the behest of parents of other children in her school, she was expelled and legally classified as black by the then-Apartheid government of South Africa. It took Sandra’s father 2 years to restore his daughter’s white status. ‘The blood tests proved I was their child. I was classified as white again’, tells Sandra softly. But then Sandra eloped with a black man and her father disowned her and blocked contact with her mother.

Sandra emerges as heroine of love and forgiveness, in this extremely moving Apartheid story, which will hopefully soften the hearts of the numerous racists on my list, who actually advocate Apartheid, theft of territory and genocide in the 21st century.

Alexandra Bruce

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Alexandra Bruce

Alexandra Bruce

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