Alexandra Bruce
May 14, 2013

This is the hearing of the Honourable Paul Hellyer, held a little over a week ago, in May 2013, at the National Press Club in Washington DC.

Hellyer is a former Member of the Canadian Parliament and he served briefly as Canada’s Associate Minister of National Defence. He is the longest-serving member of Canada’s Privy Council and he continues to serve at that post.

There is no US equivalent for this post, as its function is to report directly to the Monarch of the United Kingdom on Canadian
State and Constitutional affairs; in this case, to Queen Elizabeth II.

Since 2005, Hellyer has gained some notoriety for his open support of UFO Disclosure. Similarly, the policy of the UK has been to slowly declassify and release its own documents relating to this matter. Many other countries around the world are opening their dossiers to the public. Some South American countries have taken even more radical steps to throw the door open on the issue, forming military departments dedicated for the specific purpose of studying and releasing this information.

According to Chilean-American Ufologist, Antonio Huneeus, most of these South American agencies are poorly-funded and rely heavily on civilian volunteers. Therefore, he says, there are no longer military or governmental walls separating the citizens
of these countries from the hard data on UFOs. This is a concept that is literally “alien” to that of the US Government, which continues to cling to secrecy on the matter.

Many subscribers of this newsletter have written in to say that these Disclosure events are Rockefeller-funded media circuses
that are meant to condition the populace to an alien presence, in order to better orchestrate a fake alien invasion which ushers in the New World Order.


May 4, 2013

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