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    Alexandra Bruce
    Forbidden Knowledge TV
    March 11, 2011

    Steven and Stephanie Aguinaga vacationed last July at Fort Walton Beach in Florida with another couple. After swimming in the Gulf, all of them became sick. Four weeks later, Merrick Vallian – Steven’s best friend – died. Steven’s own health continues to deteriorate.

    Interview by Jerry Cope with Steven & Stephanie in which Steven talks about how his doctor informed him he had “a new illness we’ve never seen before.” He was told there was “a rare bacteria” found in his body, “similar to the microbes that eat oil”. Then he discusses the death of his best friend, Merrick Vallian, who “on August 23 8:10 AM just fell over and he was BLUE…his heart just stopped.”

    Referred to by locals as “The Blue Plague” or “The Blue Flu,” it is a form of cyanosis caused by the oxygen-depleted air and water of the Gulf region, due to the toxic combination of aerosolized Corexit, and genetically-modified “designer bacteria” created in labs to eat millions of gallons of crude that spewed from the BP “Spill” last year.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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