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Alexandra Bruce
September 25, 2014

SciShow takes you down the deepest hole in the world – Russia’s Kola Superdeep Borehole – explaining who dug it and why, and
what we learned about Earth in the process, such as the layers of water, created out of super high-pressures, from the hydrogen and oxygen squeezed out of the surrounding rock strata, a phenomenon never before observed; also found were single-celled
animals, found not in the customary limestone deposits of former oceans but likely preserved, due to the extraordinarily high pressures.

By the time the geologists got to the 12-km-deep (7.45 miles) area, where the rock dated 2.7 nillion years old, the temperatures down there were extremely hot – 180 degrees Celcius/356 Fahrenheit and the “rock,” at that depth, according to the geologists, behaved more like “plastic.”



The Deepest Hole

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