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    Alexandra Bruce
    August 15, 2014

    Prominent advocates of Bitcoin join this video from their perches worldwide, to recite “The Declaration of Bitcoin,” a work in progress by Julia Tourianski.

    These Bitcoin advocates stress to note that, “When we say Bitcoin, we mean the idea: the birth of cryptocurrency. We know it’s not perfect. But we’re not after perfection, we’re after progression. We’re after a way out. And we will not stop.”


    Julia Tourianski (Declaration of Bitcoin’s Independence, Brave The World) 
    Roger Ver (Bitcoin Evangelist, also known as the “Bitcoin Jesus”)
    Paul Joseph Watson (InfoWars)
    Jeff Berwick (The Dollar Vigilante, Anarchast)
    Jeffrey Tucker (CLO,
    Charlie Shrem (BitInstant)
    Kristov Atlas (Anonymous Bitcoin Book, Dark News)
    Bruce Fenton (Bitcoin Association, Atlantic Financial)
    Victoria van Eyk (The Ethical Empire, Bitcoin Strategy Group)
    Gavin Wood (Ethereum)
    Stephanie Murphy (Let’s Talk Bitcoin, Free Talk Live)
    Dmitry Murashchik (Mycelium)
    Will Pangman (Bitcoin Maven,
    Stephan Tual (Ethereum)
    Enric Duran (Spain’s Robin Hood)
    Richard Stott (Ethereum)
    Joerg Platzer (Room 77)
    Blake Anderson (uBITquity, neo-arbitrage)
    Peter Todd (Bitcoin Core, Dark Wallet, Zerocash)
    Trace Mayer (Early bitcoin evangelist, Bitcoin Armory, How to Vanish)
    Pamela Morgan (Smart Law)
    M.K Lords (Bitcoin Not Bombs)
    Patrick M. Byrne (, “Bitcoin Messiah”)
    Amir Taaki (Libbitcoin, Dark Wallet, Dark Market)
    Chris Ellis (World Crypto Network)
    Ruben Alexander (Editor at Bitcoin Magazine)
    Max Keiser (Keiser Report, MaxCoin, STARTcoin)
    Stacy Herbert (Keiser Report, STARTcoin)
    Juraj Bednar (Hacker, serial entrepreneur, DIGMIA, Citadelo)
    Mathias Gronnebaek (Ethereum)
    Andreas Antonopoulos (, serial tech-entrepreneur, Let’s Talk Bitcoin) 
    Joseph Lords
    Chris Pacia (Bitcoin Authenticator, Escape Velocity Blog)
    Paige Peterson (Developer at MaidSafe, SF Bitcoin Meetup Organizer)
    Ryan Taylor (Bitcoin magazine)
    Courtney Warner (Bitcoin advocate, actress)
    Zach Ramsey (Coin Culture)

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    Alexandra Bruce

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