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Yesterday, on April 1st, I received an email from a reporter by the name of Ms. Rita O’Reilly who works for RTE News and Current Affairs TV in Dublin, Ireland.

Although many people play practical jokes on the first of April, I do not consider this a joking matter.

Ms. O’Reilly has generously offered me the opportunity to respond to a list of statements. All of these statements are rather rude and derogatory in their tone towards MMS and myself. Nevertheless, I do appreciate the possibility that some of my responses may actually be used on her program. I can only hope they will not be used out of context.

I have chosen to make her request and my response public for several reasons:

• Nobody can say I did not respond.
• Nobody can say I’m afraid to respond.
• Nobody can put words in my mouth since I have made her request and my complete response public.
This will allow anyone to easily compare the program and what they say to my official stance on the topics brought up.

Here is a screen capture of the email I received. Personal information found on the perimeter of the email has been removed for privacy reasons. The content of this email is exactly as it arrived on April 1, 2015:

Rte current affairs for the attention of jim humble.png

Here is a copy of all statements Ms. O’Reilly presented in her email (shown above), along with my replies:
We wish to put to you:

– that MMS is neither a cure nor a treatment for any of the things you claim it can treat or cure

MMS has been proven to destroy pathogens. It is used for water purification, sterilizing and disinfecting surfaces in hospitals, and a thousand other sterilization jobs. I found out that dozens of patents had been issued proving that MMS kills pathogens. What I did is show the world what those patents have been proving for 40 years—that MMS (chlorine dioxide produced from sodium chlorite) kills pathogens, even in the human body. I proved this when the medical profession couldn’t do it because of their medical license limitations.
Based on your bio, I see that you did a story about malaria and the problems with the anti-malarial drug Lariam. In that case, it should interest you greatly in what happened a few years ago in Uganda. I’m not going to repeat the whole story here since it is documented in detail (but still a short read) at this LINK. In summary, the Red Cross did a field test which had a 100% success rate where 154 people were treated and recovered from malaria by using my sodium chlorite (MMS) protocol. This was all documented in a video produced by the Water Reference Center (WRC), an affiliate of the Red Cross. This video documentary contains glowing statements by none other than Klaas Proesmans, the CEO/Founder of the WRC. Subsequently, both organizations denied that this ever occurred, yet the video stands there proving it did in fact occur. Additionally, there are numerous documents and emails to back up what I say. If you wish to make a difference in the world, then I suggest you dig into this story and learn the truth.
– that testing of samples shows that MMS is in fact a bleach solution

First of all, when you say “bleach” to the uninformed public, the first thing they think of is laundry bleach, which is sodium hypochlorite. These statements are dangerous and misleading.
MMS is a 22.4% solution of sodium chlorite (NaClO2) in distilled water. When sodium chlorite is mixed with a food acid, it will produce chlorine dioxide.
A baby’s dose of MMS is 1 drop (and often less) in 1/2 cup of water. There are 2,200 drops of water in 1/2 a cup. So that 1 drop is diluted 2,200 times! A substance that has been diluted 2,200 times cannot possibly still bleach anything. This is just plain old high school mathematics.
TV programs that show pure MMS staining a shirt is totally misleading. Nobody uses MMS in those concentrations.
– that you promote and encourage the ingestion of high levels of a dangerous solution into babies and children and adults’ bodies

MMS is not a dangerous solution if used correctly. My books and seminars teach people how to use MMS for various applications. It has been found to work on both humans and animals of all ages with consideration for weight and other aspects. The suggestion that I would want to hurt anyone through the use of this substance is not only preposterous but totally insulting. I have dedicated my life to helping people—-not harming them.
– that you promote and encourage the administration of MMS through enemas as a cure for autism

My focus is on many health problems with autism being just one. The person you need to contact is Kerri Rivera who specializes in this. I suggest you go to her website and download her book and really learn about what you are trying to discredit. Enemas are just one part of a complex and highly developed protocol for autism.
The topic of what goes on in the bathroom is considered by many somewhat taboo. The fact is, enemas have been around for ages and serve as a safe and effective way to gently clean the colon when problems with digestion and/or elimination occur. Benefits have been observed repeatedly as a result of using a HIGHLY DILUTED amount of MMS in the enema solution. There are clinics around the world that specialize in colon hydrotherapy (colonics) which is just a fancy enema performed by a technician. The concept is not outlandish or harmful if done right (which isn’t hard to do). We have been told by colonic technicians that they sometimes use MMS in colonics with positive results.
– that you encourage both the ingestion of MMS at high levels and the use of enemas to administer it which amounts to dangerous experimentation on children

NO! You are putting words in my mouth. Again, we have never advised anyone to use high levels of MMS. There are protocols and procedures that spell out in great detail how to use MMS safely and effectively.
I presume when you speak about children, you are again talking about autism. Let me make this very clear: The established medical system always says there is no cure for autism. I and thousands of others do not agree. Kerri Rivera has now 175 reports of children of all ages who have their life back in a way where they can go to school, have friends and have a life. There are thousands of others who have used or are using her protocol with positive results, even if they have not fully recovered. There are 180 testimonials in her book. They are not fiction!
– that you are the leader of a cult which is pushing both MMS and the pseudo-legal tactics of the freemen/sovereign citizens’ movement across languages and countries

Neither I, nor my church have anything to do with the freemen/sovereign citizen movement.
As for your comment about a cult, let us take a look at the definition according to Google:
Rte current affairs for the attention of jim humble-definition of cult.png
I have to laugh when I look at this. Where do I fit into this description?
My only goal is to help teach people about something I have discovered and many others have taken further. I am the founder of the ‘Genesis II Church of Health and Healing’. Our ONLY purpose is to help people stay healthy and if they are not, then offer information that they may use for themselves and their families if they so choose.
• Nobody is forcing anyone to join.
• Nobody is forcing anyone to take MMS.
• Nobody is pressuring anyone to spend money on anything.
• Nobody is forcing anyone to change their belief in a God.
• Nobody is forcing anyone to worship me or anyone else.
• Nobody is expected, nor do I want anyone, to bow down and kiss my hands and feet.
– that your claims about MMS and its variants have no sound medical or scientific basis.

I totally do not agree, and there are plenty of reasons why:
• The world of medicine is something that evolves over time. There have been many examples where an idea was considered crazy and later to be found valid. In the mid 1800s Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis concluded that hand-washing reduced mortality in the hospital. His colleagues said there was no scientific basis to suggest the need for washing hands before surgery and ridiculed him. He was eventually committed to an asylum, where he was beaten to death.
• Sodium chlorite (MMS) was recently approved by the EU for the treatment of Lou Gherig’s Disease (aka ALS) See HERE for more information.
• There are dozens of patents that describe the use of sodium chlorite and chlorine dioxide (which is produced from sodium chlorite) in medicine. A few examples in the US include: US5384134, US4689215, US4507285, US4296102, US5019402, US4851222, US8029826, EP2429308, US6086922, US5877222, US5252343. There are many more. Do you think all these patents would exist if others had not also realized that there is value to sodium chlorite and chlorine dioxide in medicine?
• There are thousands and thousands of testimonials and comments in forums around the world from users of MMS with positive results. Are you suggesting these are all fake? Paid to say positive things about MMS? Delusional? I have never paid anyone to say anything positive or negative about MMS. Period!
• Some suggest that MMS testimonials are just hearsay and have no value. That might be true if there were only a handful of such testimonials. Thousands of testimonials are something worth noting along with the fact that people learn of MMS mostly from friends, family and acquaintances. If a statistically significant number were not having positive results and sharing those results, then nobody would know what MMS is and we would not be having this discussion.
• There are plenty of doctors in 2nd and 3rd world countries that personally use and also recommend MMS to some of their patients. There are also doctors and nurses in the 1st world who quietly support MMS, but due to fear of retribution are not willing to make public statements. A growing number of doctors attend my seminars to learn what this is all about. The numbers would not be growing if this was snake oil as some have suggested.
– that far from curing people, you put children and adults at risk of serious adverse reactions due to your pushing of this product.

Your statement is false and misleading. According to a report by the National Institute of Health, chlorine dioxide “does not cause any harm to humans or to animals.”
If someone uses a bit too much MMS they may experience nausea, vomiting and/or diarrhea. Although not pleasant, this is NOT a serious adverse reaction, but easy to resolve by adjusting dosage. Note: Users of pharmaceuticals can have the same and worse reactions. Many people die each day from cancer where their last days are made worse through the use of chemotherapy and its terrible side effects including premature death.
According to a recent analysis conducted by the Los Angeles Times, and reported by NaturalNews, drug-induced deaths have become so prevalent that their average yearly total now exceeds the number of deaths caused by traffic accidents.
The FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS) has statistics that show an increasing problem of deaths from health care related activities.
Yes, media reports make MMS sound like the big dragon to be defeated. One example of false reporting that is often cited is that MMS supposedly causes renal failure. What they fail to mention is that the renal failure example comes from a report by the NIH about a man who consumed 10 grams of sodium chlorite to attempt suicide. That’s a huge overdose. Note: The man did not die. What do you think would happen if you took a whole bottle of aspirin?
– Disclaimer

Let me be clear: I have no obligation to respect your request for confidentiality as shown by the disclaimer at the bottom of your email. We have been through no negotiations and I have not signed any contract(s) or NDAs with you or your employer.
You work for a public broadcast organization requesting my comments that are to presumably be broadcast to the public. Considering the fact that I and many who work with, and use MMS, have been misquoted, harassed, threatened, bullied, reported to authorities, disgraced, slandered and libeled to no end; it is my God given right and duty to place your email, and my response to it, in front of the public that deserves to truly hear all sides equally and without censorship, distortion or spin.


Archbishop Jim Humble

Genesis II Church of Health and Healing

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  • We use MMS ALL the time. I cured my dog of Lyme Disease with MMS. (with 50cents worth of ingredients) She was SO well after the treatment, not only did all her hair grow back, she had her first HEAT at 6 years of age (a prize Aussie) and had a healthy litter of puppies. We use MMS for wounds, scrapes, tick bites, infections, and just for experimenting.. After 11 days on MMS, all the lumps on my body disappeared, along with Chronic Fatigue. It’s the only medicine in our cabinet besides DMSO, Collidal Silver, and H2O2.

  • What’s the point of this. I’ve taken it loads of times and it’s perfectly ok. Stop lying when you know nothing about it.

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