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    Alexandra Bruce
    January 18, 2015

    National Geographic Channel’s Sleepless in America exposes the crucial need for sleep and the shocking life-threatening consequences of its absence.

    Generally, sleep deprivation may result in:

    – aching muscles
    – confusion, memory lapses or loss
    – depression
    – development of false memory
    – disruption of immune system
    – hallucinations
    – hand tremor
    – headaches
    – malaise
    – stye
    – periorbital puffiness, commonly known as “bags under eyes” or eye bags
    – increased blood pressure
    – increased stress hormone levels
    – increased risk of cancer
    – increased risk of diabetes
    – increased risk of fibromyalgia
    – irritability
    – nystagmus (rapid involuntary rhythmic eye movement)
    – obesity
    – seizures
    – temper tantrums in children
    – yawning
    – mania
    – symptoms similar to:
    – attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
    – psychosis

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