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This raw video gives an on-the-ground, picture of the lives of everyday people, in the aftermath of the Kiev Junta offense against innocent Ukranian civilians in the East Ukraine town of Slavyansk (a.k.a. Sloviansk).

This is a side of the story, which you will never see in the Criminal Mainstream Media. We are witnessing war crimes, in this video, being committed by the US/NATO-backed Poroshenko regime, recently installed, using some 7 billion dollars paid by both NATO and the US, courtesy of the Taxpayers of the States involved.

Is this how you want to see your Tax money spent? Look at these defenseless civilians! How would you like this to happen in your own hometown, for reasons that don’t involve you, at all?

After Poroshenko’s inauguration, the intensity of the Slavyansk shelling by the Ukrainian army has significantly increased. Day and night. This town is getting hit by up to five different wings of artillery batteries. More often than not, the victims are civilians.

Alexandra Bruce

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