This Space Shuttle footage was popularized by Richard Hoagland in the early 1990s. It appears to show a UFO coming over the horizon, followed by the flash of an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) from below on Earth, followed by a fast-moving projectile or possibly a “particle beam,” which shoots straight up, narrowly missing the UFO, as it takes immediate, evasive action. Using triangulation, Hoagland estimated that the speed of the fleeing UFO was 14,000 Gs, or over 200,000 mph (Mach 285)!

The apparent discharge of a high-tech weapon in this clip is guessed by the narrator to be part of the Strategic Defense Initiative a.k.a. “Star Wars” project, created in 1983 by President Ronald Reagan, amid the complaints of many scientists and politicians. in 1993, the organization’s name was changed into the Ballistic Defense Organization and in 2002, it was changed again into the Missile Defense Agency.

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