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    Alexandra Bruce
    August 28, 2014

    The entire event of the almost-point-blank-range killing of Kajieme Powell, 25 on August 19th by “peace officers” who are paid to protect the communities they serve, not to kill its members was recorded on video by a cellphone.

    In a city still reeling with revolts over the police killing of unarmed teenager, Michael Brown, 18 just ten days earlier, these events certainly prove that the local police had learned nothing, after ten days of outrage and revolts. They felt so immune from prosecution that they believed that they were above the law. The video also proved that they lied and that it incredibly unsafe to be a young black man in Greater Metropolitan area of St. Louis, Missouri.

    The policemen who killed Kajieme Powell in this video claimed that he was lurching at them with a “steak knife,” with his arms raised high. They further claimed that he was within 3 feet of them but the video clearly shows that he was about 15 feet away when they began to fire on him and by the time fallen off a berm onto the sidewalk and the police were into the final shots of the dozen bullets which hit him, yes, THEN he was three feet away from the cops.

    At no time during Powell’s interaction with the police were his arms “raised high,” even as the police instantly escalated the situation, by jumped out of their truck with guns drawn, as if the only thing they could even imagine doing was to kill the guy. Powell’s arms were down by his sides – and the “steak knife” must have been pretty small, because it is not even visible in this video.

    Powell looked like he needed mental help, not killing.

    But the clincher is this: the fact that these “Peace Officers” handcuffed Powell, when he was already deader than a doornail proves to me that they KNEW that they were guilty and were hastily trying to cover it up, to the rightfully cynical comments of onlookers.

    In my opinion, the perpetrators of Powell’s shooting death should all be fired and tried for murder.

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