Alexandra Bruce
March 11, 2015

These are powerful and to-the-point testimonies, given by a group of fully-credible scientists and pilots (many from the US Military), who testify as to the difference between condensation trails and chemtrails and the dangerous compounds that are accumulating in our soil and water, as a result of geoengineering.

Alan Buckmann, a former military fish and game biologist explains that chemtrail weather manipulation represents a health hazard to us all, as the compounds being found in their wake are hazardous and unnatural, such as unbonded aluminum.

It is explained that the reason why you don’t hear about it on the mainstream news is because geoengineering, colloquially known as “chemtrails” are a Black Budget Program – that is apparently, global in scope.

More gripping details in this redacted version of a longer testimony produced by Dane Wigington of, a man who has dedicated his retirement and his life savings to exposing this threat.


NB: This video was not produced by “Galactic Services”, as suggested by the graphics. It was produced by Dane Wigington’s

For the most up-to-date information on Chemtails, please visit:

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