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    Alexandra Bruce
    March 6, 2014

    You might have already had your doubts, as to whether watching the “news” on commercial TV was worth 1 hour, one minute – let alone 1 second – of your time.

    Hopefully, this clip, which was put together by Conan O’Brien’s production staff, aka “Team Coco” will help make this decision a snap!

    I first met Conan after he’d graduated from college. Many years later, around 2000, I bumped into him on an unlit street one evening during the weekend, on Eastern Long Island, while I was taking a post-dinner stroll with a friend. Conan was walking his dog. We all stopped in the middle of the dead end street and had a completely absurd conversation. We didn’t know who he was at first, until we started recognizing his voice and someone turned on a flash light. Like my friend, he was at least 6’3″.

    Conan did his awkward, self-deprecating routine and then wrapped that whole thing into something completely ridiculous. We all had a laugh and went along our ways, in opposite directions.

    Later, in 2005, while selling Advertising time (i.e. “Air”) and doing general Business Development for a local cable company on Eastern Long Island, one of the perks we got, because our station’s General Manager had worked for NBC for most of her professional life was that we get to see a live taping of Conan’s ‘Late Night Show’ at Rockefeller Plaza (in the middle of the afternoon).

    The routines Conan did during the commercial breaks were nothing short of brilliant – completely trouncing whatever his scripted job was supposed to be…

    THAT is one talented, hardworking lunatic person, who deserves every cent that he has ever made!


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    Alexandra Bruce

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