Alexandra Bruce
August 3, 2015

This is an unorthodox scientific presentation based on the ideas of my longtime subscriber, Ronald Patrick Marriott.

It is a borderline theory-of-everything, that postulates how Earth’s water and air were formed and also, the Universe, itself.

Marriott’s views are somewhat aligned with those of Plasma Cosmology (aka The Electric Universe) and how electromagnetism is absolutely central to the phenomenological world.

Marriott says, “Since the beginning of time, lightning’s continuous effect on hydrogen has been that of a constant production of anti-hydrogen. One form of this is a Gamma ray producer; a 12-foot ringed sphere, i.e., a Relativistic Perturbation.” This phenomenon is what Marriott calls “mantle.”

Marriott continues, “For 4.5 billion years, lightning in Earth’s atmosphere has been producing this self-contained sphere, utilizing rings of carbon, liquid oxygen, surrounding a sphere of fused negative energy (anti-hydrogen fusion).

“The release of mantle comes in the form of sprites above storms. Mantle has been responsible for producing the atmosphere, the ionosphere, the anti-protons and the Dark Matter around the Earth’s ionosphere.

“The missing link in the accepted scientific understanding of the physiology of the Earth is mantle, which is also the tie between man, metaphysics and the multiverse.

“In short, mantle produces the Gamma rays found by NASA’s Fermi satellite during sprite production. The PAMELA satellite has detected the anti-protons around the Van Allen belts, produced by mantle’s discharge energy that follows the magnetic field lines from Earth.”

Marriott predicts that a greater understanding of mantle dynamics will help efforts to achieve light-speed travel, the production of wormholes and interdimensional technologies.

Marriott continues, “The release of charged liquid oxygen is constantly converting into air and water in the atmosphere, as well as into the electrons in the Ionosphere.

“Mantle produces force fields and an endless supply of highly-charged liquid oxygen, which has a restorative effect upon the Earth’s atmosphereic layers. Mantle can supply humans with clean energy, at any place on Earth or in space.

Marriott seeks to develop team-oriented corporate structures to harness the steep developmental curves of high-energy physics for his discoveries around mantle. He intends for these technologies to be for the advancement of the human race, in the areas as diverse as food production, computer storage, civil infrastructure, medicine, space travel, “dimension building,” the use of high-energy particle physics, and both interdimensional travel, as well as the more commonplace forms of transportation, with his discoveries about mantle.

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