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    Published by RussiaToday
    November 13, 2012

    The fall-out from CIA Director David Petraeus’ resignation continues, with the man who replaced him as US commander in Afghanistan, General John Allen, now embroiled in the scandal, involving the same Jill Kelley who sparked the FBI’s investigation which led to Petraeus’s downfall.

    The Pentagon now claims that General Allen has been exchanging inappropriate emails with Jill Kelley, in what first appeared to be a personal matter and now appears to have deeper implications, including security leaks and a political cover-up.

    Curiouser and Curiouser…

    However, it was in May 2012, that Jill Kelley complained to an FBI investigator of being sent harassing emails by an anonymous woman. Strangely enough, this FBI investigator was discovered to be an acquaintance of Jill’s who at some point sent her topless photos of himself. He was forced off the case for what was termed an obsessive pursuit that caused supervisors to question the investigator’s objectivity.

    Kelley later asked to no avail for the investigation to be stopped, citing concerns she and her family might also come under scrutiny. This set off a chain of events that eventually led to the resignation of the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, David Petraeus on November 9, 2012.

    The anonymous woman was identified as Petraeus biographer Paula Broadwell, who investigators discovered had been having an affair with Petraeus. During the course of that investigation, the FBI found that there were “thousands of emails” between Kelley and General John R. Allen, Petraeus’s successor as top commander in Afghanistan.

    On November 13, 2012, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said that the nomination of Gen. Allen for the post of Supreme Allied Commander Europe would be delayed. News agencies said Allen was being investigated based on allegedly “inappropriate communication” between Kelley and Allen that was “flirtatious in nature”. ABC News reported on November 14 that Kelley’s VIP privileges at nearby CENTCOM Headquarters had been revoked due to the ongoing investigation. (Huh? What was Kelley ever doing in there???)


    A significant contribution in the reporting of second half of this story comes from Wikipedia

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