Alexandra Bruce
March 10, 2015

Well, my suitcase finally arrived to me early Sunday morning, a full 6 days after my body had left the sunny shores of Southwestern Mexico. I guess this means that I’m officially back in the USSA!

Anarcapulco 2015, was quite possibly the most inspirational event I have ever attended in my life, especially coming off of several years of some really trying times.

(My mother is having back surgery, at the very moment that this broadcast is being sent. Please send good vibes. She’s really been though the mill, with the chemo. Too awful to describe…)

The most exhilarating factor in the event was probably the fellowship that was felt among the participants; the egalitarianism of like minds, who didn’t need to give each other 2-hr lectures, in order to already be on the same page!

For the first time in my life, I saw the possibility of a world that wasn’t totally *gamed* and played-out.

(Sigh) the glow is ebbing and Hadean realms loom ahead – but still, there’s some major good news coming up, too [unless WW3 breaks out and rains nuclear fallout on our parade]. But I’m the captain of my ship, to make these times be as good as they can be. It’s both daunting and exciting.

You’ll be the first to know about the good stuff. I won’t jinx it – you’ll just have to wait a few more weeks…

The incomparable James Corbett was there, toting a camera and interviewing attendees. I was too camera-shy to gush and wax philosophic about the confab, without having perfect hair and lighting (girl probs), something I do regret – but I did participate in a funny short, which was both personally poignant and a snap to do, produced by Joy Camp:

I’ll share it, as soon as they’re finished editing.

True to his word, Corbett is totally *over* dissecting the garbage, otherwise known as the official narratives that pass for “news,” in this long-vaunted Information Age, now deep into its Middle Aged Spread. It’s about freaking time, Man!

It’s so long overdue, that we turn these lies on their ears and disable them, using their own momentum against them, Aikido-style.

And who better to school us, than people from a millennial civilization that has survived so many “-isms,” that nothing even works on them, anymore. They just laugh in the face of bogus “authority” (I’m talking about the Italians).

Laughter is one of the most potent weapons – and cures – of them all!

The Romans’ response to ISIL’s threat – #We_Are_Coming_O_Rome – was quite literally, Classic: they tweeted back, with travel tips, warnings about the disabling traffic jams and the imminent public transportation strike, along with suggestions about which restaurants where they should have lunch.

One waggish restaraunt manager tweeted, “We are waiting for you with prosciutto.”

But perhaps the wisest and truest of all Tweets was: “You’re too late, Italy has already been destroyed by their governments…”

Is there a modern nation on this Earth that can’t relate to that satement, even a teensy bit?


James Corbett would like to thank the Revelations Radio News podcast at for the tip on this story.

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