Alexandra Bruce
August 3, 2015

Adam Gorightly interviews Iona Miller, who was involved with the Mankind Research Institute (MRU) in the 1970s, which was a spookier and more underground project than the somewhat-related and infamous program of parapsychology experiments conducted by the Stanford Research Institute (SRI).

MRU pursued the interdisciplinary science of the interactions of matter, energy, and consciousness and mind-body-environment relationships, which incorporated psychotronics, biocommunication, biocybernetics, biophysics, psycho-physiology, educational development, cancer research and mind-body developments, with mixed results

Unbeknownst to most, Washington DC’s MRU was one of the more coherent forces behind the paradigm shift that led to the revolution towards holistic medicine, ideas about a holographic universe and the human potential movement, from the early 1970s through the 1990s. MRU explored and pioneered New Technologies, Alternative Health Modalities, Consciousness Studies, Radionics and Subtle Energies, including the human field body.

Charles Stone, who was the Deputy Director of this program tells us about secret Nazi technologies, which were not used during WWII and which could have altered the course of that war war drastically. He suggests, as have many others, that the Fourth Reich is alive and well in parts of the intelligence branches of the US, as wel as in its scientific branches, such as DARPA.

Additional subjects studied by MRU also included ESP, quantum mind, the mindbody, medical meditation, nonlocal healing, bioholography, biophotonics, stress management, scalar physics, channeling, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, Kirlian photography, remote viewing, plasma physics, biomedical engineering, Earth energies, mind control, quantum entanglement, UFOs and a variety of other mysterious borderline sciences, which continue to captivate the public imagination.

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  • Iona is fraud and has hijacked her ex-husband’s work and illegally selling his authored books on her website. She has NO experience nor career in intelligence, naval intelligence, etc., and absolutely a “performance artist”. She’s a sociopathic con artist with no real substance.


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