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    Alexandra Bruce
    April 7, 2014

    Here’s what I could not describe as a “novel” approach to unlocking the Mystery of Flight 370. What I can say, is that it is certainly not Western. It is brought to us by the Internet-based TV station Kannada/Yupp TV, which caters to the Indian diaspora, worldwide.

    The two young people who go into a remote-viewing chance describe the plane being hijacked 3 hours into the flight and crashed into the sea, with all onboard, panicking and drowning to to their deaths.

    Again, I am not asking anyone to believe the statements here, but to appreciate how these peoples, whose ancient culture remains largely intact, despite centuries of Western colonization, bring their ancient techniques to bear on this ongoing mystery, within a modern format of communication. It’s quite interesting!

    India probably has photographic satellites as good as anyone else’s – hence, its government is just as mobbed-up in the dissimulation of the real story, as is anybody else, who possesses these high-tech gizmos – but this show expresses the local cultural reaction of “regular folks” there, far removed from any satellite technology, in regards the Mystery of Flight 370.

    It is also interesting to note that, India’s arch enemy, Pakistan is now dominating the chatter as being the ultimate destination of of this fateful flight.

    According to this same chatter, that’s been bandied about, an advanced drone was captured by the Taliban and that they were attempting to sell this hardware to the Chinese government – and remnants of this equipment were loaded into the hold of this flight, in a Special Delivery.

    Apparently, the Pakistanis got wind of this and decided to use this circumstance to their advantage and it was THEY who diverted the plane. Once the US meets certain demands, based on the legitimate grievances held by Pakistan towards the US, the plane and its passengers will be freed, unharmed.

    It was only a matter of time before the US’ drone technology would be captured and used against the US – and certainly, the US Government would lose face, in a serious way, were they to admit to such a capture – and its consequences.

    We ARE talking about Internet chatter, here, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves, here – as it could very easily amount to LESS than a hill of beans – I just thought that this Indian/Hindu approach to this subject might tickle the rest of the world…

    I will refrain from besieging the reader, as I have been, with endless tales of how the “Ashtar Command”, rescued the plane, in mid-plummet into the South China Sea and is now busily processing the bureaucratic paperwork of the passengers’ next reincarnations…

    Since nobody’s peeping about the real story, please enjoy for now noted the subconscious memories evoked by followers of this self-described soul healing expert from India, Ramachandra Guruji, as his meditating followers seek to feel the feelings of the souls of missing passengers of Malaysian Airlines on a Live Kannada TV show, on the night of 12th March 2014. The show narrates what his entranced remote viewers saw, that happened inside the flight from take off to the end; what took place after 4 hours of flight and how they met their watery end.

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