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Tyler Bass
Forbidden Knowledge TV
June 4, 2015

The early ’90s there was a rash of legal cases, involving pedophiles and psychopathic deviants who had pledged their allegiance to Satan.

Organizations, like Believe the Children and the Cult Awareness Network stared long into this abyss and some would say became cults, themselves. Interestingly the producer of “In the Name of Satan,” and author of a book by the same title, Bob Larson, markets neither from his website today. Does he still behind the arguments made in this expose’ or did he get too close to the truth and was he scared off the trail?

Although many cases of Satanic pedophilia were and are horribly true, a “Satanic panic” during this time swept California, in particular, resulting in a hoard of bogus child molestation convictions by over-zealous prosecutors, who had coached their child witnesses into convicting their parents, as in the cases of the Kern County sexual abuse cases.

Alexandra Bruce

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