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    Alexandra Bruce
    Forbidden Knowledge TV
    March 26, 2009

    Sometimes it’s fun to take a look back at how paranormal TV programming was presented in past decades. In the 1970s, nobody did it better than “In Search Of,” presented by “Star Trek’s” Leonard Nimoy.

    In this episode, Native American petroglyphs from the Southwest are shown that appear to represent “Star People.” Nimoy interviews a member of the Hopi Nation who says that the Hopi have had continuous contact with “Star People” but he is prohibited from discussing the matter further, due to his religion.

    Some petroglyphs show evidence of a deeper technological understanding than one would expect.

    Los Angeles engineer, Charles Ruggles thinks he has discovered the key to the mysterious petroglyphs. “[They] tell a very intriguing story…about two flying aircraft that collided in space over Death Valley…and someone came to repair them.”

    Leonard Nimoy continues, “One of the most unusual reports in recent years tells of a rock discovery made near the Coastal Range in Southern California…after they sawed
    the rock in half…inside, was a strange, ceramic-like material resembling some electrical device, like a spark plug. How old was it?

    One geologist placed the age of the rock to 500,000 years. X-ray results were published and they were astonishing. No one today can explain its existence.

    Nimoy continues, “There have been many theories which say that life has been sent to Earth deliberately by another planet. Some experts ridicule such an idea and such ideas would have remained unbelievable except for disclosures such as these, which continue to be found year, after year, after year…”

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