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    Alexandra Bruce
    Forbidden Knowledge TV
    August 28, 2013

    This film was produced by the government in 1942 to encourage farmers to supply rope manufacturers and other industries during World War II.

    DuPont funded the anti-hemp effort because they had patents on new synthetic fibers, and there was a new machine that would put Dow out of business if hemp were to be used for clothes.

    DuPont also sold — and still does — many chemicals for wood pulp production. So we continue to cut down forests when hemp could save millions of trees and could be used to produce biofuel and thousands of other products.

    Big Oil does not want hemp legal and neither do the drug companies because they can’t patent it. They would rather keep selling you their drugs.

    By keeping it illegal, the lawyers, courts, privatized prisons, et cetera also get to make a buck. There are several big corporate players against legalizing cannabis. Yet if it were legalized, we’d solve many issues and have a multibillion dollar hemp economy.

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