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Alexandra Bruce
October 31, 2012

This is a Halloween-worthy clip, if there ever was one.

If the presentation of anti-nuclear advocate, Dr. Helen Caldicott on the longterm effects of the nuclear fallout from the two largest nuclear disasters in the past 25 years doesn’t scare you then, nothing will.

Caldicott refers to Chernobyl as the “Biggest Medical Cover-Up in History” — and says
Fukushima is about three times worse than the Chernobyl disaster.

Caldicott goes into the particulars of which nuclides (fallout particles) cause what kinds of cancers and genetic deformities. She declares that if Fukushima’s Reactor number 4 collapses into the ground, in a “China Syndrome” effect — which is in fact, what it is in the actual process of doing, at this very moment — that she will evacuate her family from Boston, Massachusetts to her native Australia, as the Northern hemisphere will thus become uninhabitable.

She explains how the air masses of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres don’t mix, so that there is a relatively improved prospect of survival for life, south of the Equator.

Folks interested in surviving the imminent doom of exploding cancer rates and skyrocketing incidences of hideously deformed biology, which of course includes human babies but also everything from plants to bacteria may start planning on which countries they may prefer to inhabit in the continents and the islands off of Africa, South America and Australia…

Caldicott shows pictures of some severely malformed children who were born in Chernobyl, bearing the classic teratologies (birth defects) associated with uranium poisoning. It’s not pretty. And there are hundreds of aging nuke plants worldwide, perched to spew unimaginably enormous quantities of poison, should the maintenance
crews they require to operate “safely”, for some reason become indisposed — or evacuated to parts south of the Equator.

If I didn’t know any better, I would think that the global nuclear energy complex was purposefully designed to eventually annihilate life on Earth…

Happy Halloween, Kiddies!


Published by grizzzlyjoe
October 9, 2012

Watch the whole video … but pay special attention to her statement at 11:25 in this video. I’m posting this to demonstrate that my statements ARE NOT FEARMONGERING … we’re trying to WARN people of the VERY REAL THREAT that we’re all facing and to make an exit plan or prepare to stay and die.

It’s time to WAKE UP!!! The high rates of Cancer, Heart Disease … perhaps even Autism, among a fruit salad of other diseases … have been given to you by the MORONS that thought Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Energy were compatible with health, longevity and sustainability. The worst part of it all is that YOU and I PAID for it with our tax dollars. We are also paying for it in Medical expenses to manage the health problem that it has created.

It’s time to END THE MADNESS … it may already be TOO LATE but we MUST TRY for the sake of the generations that will follow us.

We are all only TEMPORARY stewards of this Planet. We are RENTERS, NOT OWNERS and we had no right to trash the RENTED property the way we have.

Shame on all of us … now, let’s all get together and MAKE IT STOP.

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