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October 3, 2011

Kevin Gianni’s father, succumbed to cancer when he was 2 years old.

He thinks people are dying due to a lack of information and he knows that information about cancer treatment alternatives can save lives starting right now. That’s why he’s put together this Healing Cancer World Summit Online Event.

For 5 Nights, Starting October 25th, You Can Learn the Secrets Kevin Learned from Visionary Cancer Doctors and Advocates for FREE!



Meet the Doctors, Nutritionists and Advocates Who Say Cancer May Be Treated Successfully and Naturally – Without Excessive Use of Drugs, Surgery, Radiation and Chemotherapy:

Dr. Francisco Contreras, Dr. Nicolas Gonzalez, Dr. Leah Erin Connealy, Dr. Thomas Lodi, Charlotte Gerson, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, Dr. David Getoff and Marcus Freudenman.

* Find out what therapies these doctors and experts are using that they say may prevent and even treat cancers naturally.

* Discover herbs and supplements that are scientifically known to prevent cancer.

* Discover scientific and documented proof that natural cancer treatments work.

* Learn how to detoxify and cleanse the body naturally…and safely.

* Why many people have no idea these treatments exist and why these doctors are risking their careers to help people heal.

* Amazing stories of patients who have been healed naturally and are still thriving today.

* How – in some cases – drugs, chemotherapy, surgery and radiation can cause side effects that may be worse than the cancer itself.

* Simple and affordable ways to prevent cancer and many other diseases using natural, tested methods.

Kevin says this isn’t about one person being right or another person being wrong. It’s about options.

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