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April 9, 2015

Traveling Los Angeles’ congested 110 Freeway, Richard Ankrom didn’t see a notice in time to get in the far-left lane, which he needed to do, to make the interchange to Interstate 5, a highway that makes its long way up the West Coast. Ankrom plotted, and plotted, before finally building and installing a sign above the freeway.

After a friend of Richard Ankrom leaked his deed to a local newspaper years later, inspectors approved his sign, which Ankrom had built to code.


P.S. by Alexandra Bruce: During the three years I lived in Los Angeles fulltime, more than once did I find myself having to abort a mission to meet friends at some of the trendy new places springing up in the revitalized Downtown, where Interstate 10, Interstate 101, Interstate 110 and Interstate 5 all converge in an utterly bewildering rat maze of 10 lanes, where Left, Middle and Right Lanes all function as Exits to the various interlinking “Freeways”, that only native Angelenos find to be “convenient.”

Once, in 2009, in the aftermath of the World Financial Meltdown and returning late at night, from a weekend in the Mojave Desert, I got stuck in an exit lane on the 10 and found myelf rolling amid the sprawling corporate skyscrapers of Downtown LA and shocked to see literally thousands of people using the streets as their sleeping quarters – block after block! It reminded me of accounts I’d heard about Mumbai in the 1980s but this was during that moment when over 4 million American homeowners had just been forced to walk away from their properties, because either the mortgages were underwater or they’d suddenly found themselves unemployed – and often both.

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