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    As many of you know, besides the theft of AdSense “partners” by Google, Inc., my site’s earning’s have been ravaged by Google’s Orwellian KnowledgeVault and it appears that it may have been singled out for destruction by the “committee” which UK PM David Cameron vowed to form, during his UN address last September, where he declared that online “peddlers” of “poisonous” ideas, such as those that question the official 9/11 report, should be “taken out.”

    For five years, I’ve been able to explore and share alternative views with my many subscribers free of any charge, because my publication was subsidized by Google Ads. However, there has been a suddenly, dizzying drop in my site’s ad revenue, down to 1/5th of what it had been for nearly 5 years, which doesn’t even pay for my basic overhead.

    This drop in payment is based on Google’s reports of my page views, which are either wittingly or unwittingly false, as Google’s numbers are half those of the views reported by my mass emailer, who only report on pageviews from those who subscribe to the newsletter but not on the much larger body of viewers who arrive on my pages, due to search results.

    Several other alternative media sites are having similar experiences.

    One of them is designing a new search engine, which does the opposite of what Google’s new algorithms do: the first of its kind, filters out corporate propaganda and government disinfo!

    Mike Adams, from is developing GoodGopher, to build the Internet’s largest search engine for those searching for information and news on liberty, natural healing, central banks, food freedom, advanced science and a multitude of other topics no longer allowed in NSA-controlled search engines.

    Still in Beta testing, here is their promotional video.

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