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This eulogy is so barf-worthy it astounds and sickens, beyond any reckoning of good taste or logic and it’s just shocking, in its sheer lack of sensitivity. These are the ramblings of a true psychopath.

It is pure evil, writ large and that’s how these disgusting pigs, who rule our world do business.

Behold, Poppy Bush, the uber-scoundrel of the past two centuries, laying it on thick, during his eulogy for President Gerald Ford.

GHWB uses the occasion of Ford’s death to promote the lie, which he can hardly keep from laughing about, that a “lone gunman” took JFK’s life (check it out!!!).

He goes on to say that the “Warren Commission will ALWAYS have the final say on this matter. Why? Because Gerald Ford put his name on it.” (Bring out the barf buckets).

Alexandra Bruce

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  • I don’t what this narrator was talking about when calling Judge Pirro a propagandist for war against ISIS as there is plenty of proof that they are recruiting right in the United States. While lindsay Graham’s comments were over the top there was only blunt truth coming from Jeanine Pirro.

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