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November 14, 2011

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said at the Republican presidential debate Saturday that he would be willing to go to war with Iran over its nuclear activities, adding that the United States should consider “taking out their scientists.”

Part 2.11 of Executive Order 12333, signed by Ronald Reagan, reiterates a proscription on US intelligence agencies sponsoring or carrying out an assassination. It reads: “No person employed by or acting on behalf of the United States Government shall engage in, or conspire to engage in, assassination.”

“There are a number of ways to be smart about Iran, and a few ways to be dumb. The administration skipped all the ways to be smart,” Gingrich said.

He went as far as suggesting that the U.S. should employ “maximum covert operations to block and disrupt the Iranian program including taking out their scientists, including breaking up their systems. All of it covertly, all of it deniable.”

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