Alexandra Bruce
March 25, 2014

Linda Moulton Howe is an American investigative journalist and documentary producer-writer-director-editor. Although her body of work has spanned a wide range of topics, she is most well-known for her investigations of cattle mutilations, and her conclusion that they are of extraterrestrial origin. She is also noted for her speculations that the U.S. government is involved with aliens.

Her film, ‘A Strange Harvest’ (1980) which explored animal mutilation mystery, for which Howe received a Regional Emmy Award In 1981 catapulted her into notoriety.

This scene, from the film, ‘MIRACLE MEN’ intercuts between interviews of Howe describing her experience, as an investigative journalist, who was granted an interview with Sergeant Richard Doty at New Mexico’s Kirtland Air Force Base, whom she did not know at the time was a counterintelligence agent, tasked with confusing and controlling innocent seekers of truth, such as herself.

He describes how his mission was to find out how much she knew and to see if he could stop her. He describes taking to her to a room with two-way mirrors, through which their meeting was filmed.

Howe comes to the sudden realization of having unwittingly stumbled into a world of horrifying quick sand, surrounded by a shattered Hall of Mirrors, where people like herself could be killed for revealing the truth about UFOs.

The film will be released through YEKRA on March 27th at 10AM PDT. For those who have rented it already, YEKRA will be sending your unique viewing link, via e-mail on the morning of the film’s release, this coming Thursday, so be sure to check your inbox!

You have saved 20% by pre-ordering. You still have another 2 days to save on the 48-hr rental of this Video-on-Demand.

On March 27th, the price will go up to $7.49.

Those interested in renting ‘MIRAGE MEN’ may click on the image below, to be taken to the film’s trailer, at the end of which there is a shopping cart where you may choose your purchasing method – or else, you can drag the progress bar at the bottom of the video screen in the YEKRA player to get straight to the shopping cart.

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