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June 18, 2015

At the time of her death in a 1997 car crash, the United Kingdom’s Diana, Princess of Wales, was romantically involved with a wealthy Egyptian named Dodi Fayed, who would meet his end with her one summer evening in Paris.

A man named Oscar LeWinter, whom a former MI5 officer named Annie Machon alleged was an MI6 agent, approached Dodi Fayed’s father, Mohamed al-Fayed, with documents purporting to be proof of CIA and MI6 involvement in Diana’s death. The documents, Machon says, were forgeries, albeit good ones, whose distributors intended to discredit Mohamed Fayed’s crusade to drum up evidence of any foul play in his son’s death.

Were the documents an attempt to discredit Fayed and any alternative theories about Diana’s death? Machon said intelligence agencies targeted Princess Diana for assassination because the mother of the heir apparent to the British crown was set to begin advocacy for Palestinians.

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