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Ann Eller, the former assistant to one-time Government UFO debunker, Dr. J. Allen Hynek comes forward with a talk about the end of this era and the beginning of the new, from her point of view, as a self-described alien abductee.

Eller says that it’s time to prepare for the cataclysmic “cleansing” of planet Earth, which should occur a little over one year from now, with the passage of the brown dwarf twin of our Sun, which is allegedly hard to see because its line of sight is directly behind the Sun. (This claim has been widely debunked by NASA).

Known to some as “Nibiru,” she says this celestial body is four times the mass of Earth and that it will come within 14 million miles of us, wreaking unimaginable havoc on our planet: a pole shift and the rearrangement of the oceans and continents, whereby “Brazil will be moved sideways” and come to rest beneath the new North Pole, while Central America is completely obliterated.

Eller says the Japan earthquake was just a small preview of what is to come.

The best ways to prepare are:

1. Seek your own inner spiritual guidance
2. Make peace with God, as you experience God.
3. Tell your families and friends that you love them. Ask for forgiveness and forgive.
4. Time is short and many of us will leave Earth and begin our next incarnation on the New Earth, which is emerging in 4D. (remember, she says, there is no death).

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