Alexandra Bruce
July 29, 2014

Here’s another teaser from Steve Kroschel’s film, of which I am a producer, ‘The Grounded, 2.’

In this scene, Internet Health Guru, Dr. Mercola and his colleague, Cardiologist, Dr. Stephen Sinatra discuss the latter’s first introduction to the concept of Grounding/Earthing, as an effective health modality, while the latter discusses the importance of
Vitamin D, which he does not recommend be taken in pill form but instead, with healthy exposure to natural sunlight.

After all, this is how the human body has been naturally synthesizing Vitamin D since the dawn of time!

Dr. Mercola brings up Vitamin D because while you are outside and Grounding, be it by taking a barefoot walk in a park or on the beach or just laying down in the grass, this will necessitate that you be outside – and this also will afford you the opportunity to obtain natural Vitamin D, via sunlight.

Both of these most basic and simple of activities – yet, which are also incredibly important to your health, along with a regimen of organic, super healthy foods, with recipes from the Gerson Therapy, are what saved Dr. Sinatra’s son, Step Sinatra from the brink of death.

Step Sinatra had been a Wall Street trader, surrounded by what his father describes as a “horseshoe” of electronic equipment; mostly old-fashioned TV screens. Sitting close to one, let alone 20 of those things, is tantamount to getting slammed by a fire hose of untold amounts of dirty electricity. Old TV technology uses a beam of electrons to excite the old-style screens into producing images encoded within that stream of electricity. Often, Step *also* had a cellphone in each ear, while sitting within this “horseshoe.”

Long story short, Step Sinatra’s body’s natural EM field got blown out and dozens of medical specialists and hundreds of thousands of dollars later, he still hadn’t been diagnosed, let alone, cured. This young man’s body steadily wasted away, to the
point where he got down to an astonishing 78 lbs!

It was ultimately through his father’s discovery of Grounding that his son, Step finally got on the road to recovery.

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