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Alexandra Bruce
Forbidden Knowledge TV
October 30, 2011

Dr. Judy Wood said that she doesn’t have a theory. Wood says she is looking at what was at the original World Trade Center site and very carefully going through just what she found.

It’s quite phenomenal what happened. There were two huge towers there, and they went away — turning to dust.

Some people who were in these buildings, once they fell, were able to look up and see blue sky. Why?

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Love her thinking on this subject but my self I have no doubts . It was Israel & a group of dual Israeli citizens who have control of Congress(AIPAC) & ALL major US government Depts. There is now over all to mush evidence of an inside job & to many convenient witness’s dying. We must have an independent by lateral inquiry, possibly run from a country like New Zealand or Norway

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