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    Dr Gaetan Chevalier, a professor of electronics and electronic engineering began researching the technique of “Earthing” with the author of the bestselling book by that name, Clint Ober, back in 2003 at the California Institute for Human Science.

    He started out skeptical but found that connecting patients to the ground brought about amazing results, much to his surprise.

    They first conducted an electro-physiology study. They measured brainwaves, muscle tension, heart rate, skin temperature, and heart rate and pulse strength.

    They also measured the flow of electrical energy through the body with a machine developed by the founder of the CIHS. They found benefits in patients with depression and Alzheimer’s and are currently running tests on treating patients with high blood pressure.

    Power of Natural Healing, radio host, Howard Straus notes that there must be some industrial push-back against a panacaea that is free of cost and film director, Steve Kroschel gives the URL of a webpage on, where a debunker of Earthing makes a statement to the effect that an electrical wire that it is unplugged does not emit electrical signals (this strikes me as as a patently silly statement, as that’s the whole point of antennas and rabbit ears on your TV: conductive materials placed in a coherent direction, will conduct and/or emit ambient electricity, period.

    But the experiment referred to involved cords which were plugged into but NOT connected to anything else.

    Indignant, Dr Chevalier stands up and says, “This guy does not know what he is talking about.” With a commonplace, connected electrical cord, Dr Chevalier tests the line with a simple Gauss reader and proves that the cord which is plugged into a wall socket but not plugged into anything is emitting electricity, Chevalier re-states, “This guy, on Skeptoid, I’m sorry but he does not know about electromagnetism.”


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