Alexandra Bruce
October 27, 2012

Donna Hare’s testimony was instrumental in UK researcher, Gary McKinnon starting his examination of military computer networks for UFO evidence and free energy systems.
Gary McKinnon (The Original Ed Snowden) is a Scottish systems administrator who was accused in 2002 of perpetrating the “biggest military computerhack of all time.”

He has maintained over the past decade that he looking for evidence of suppressed energy

On 16 October 2012, after a series of legal proceedings, British Home Secretary Theresa May withdrew his extradition order to the US.

Statement by Janis Sharp, mother of Gary McJinnon:

“My son has now been under arrest for longer than any British citizen ever has. He hasn’t raped anyone, he hasn’t murdered anyone, so can’t understand how this can be happening to him, as no matter how much anyone may choose to exaggerate his crime, the fact is that his crime was tapping on a keyboard in his bedroom in north London in search of information on aliens from outer space…”

Gary McKinnon and his family faced over a decade of fear, intimidation and endless legal circles over daring to ask the simple human question of whether we are alone in the universe. Yesterday’s decision by British Home Secretary Theresa May to reject the US Dept of Justice’s request to have Gary deported under a vastly one-sided extradition agreement ended things once and for all, leaving it likely that Gary will face a minor trial in the UK as was initially suggested back in 2002.

Despite some ill-informed journalists suggesting that extradition should have been granted, the facts when stripped down to the fundamental issue we should be focusing on is pretty clear. Gary committed no real crime despite the ludicrous claims of $500,000 damages from hacking and the cries from across the Atlantic calling for him to be housed for 60 years as a common terrorist in a SuperMax Jail. He himself admits he was naive and stupid – but stupidity in this sense shouldn’t get you a 60 year jail term. If you leave a room known to be full of valuable goods unlocked – you can guarantee the odd person is going to take a look. This is essentially all McKinnon did during in 2001 as he used readily available software to access US networks linked to NASA and the Pentagon. In most cases he needed zero skill – for some embarrassing reason – the world’s most might military power had not learned to remove the default login passwords that come with well-known operating systems. Gary himself told me he was no genius at the job – he was still struggling with the UKs dreadfully slow dial-up systems at that time and each network entry was a a painfully slow task.

Another reason why he was unfairly targeted was the fact that each night he sat in his North London room on his search for UFO and exotic energy secrets, he said he saw endless streams of other hacker traffic – much of it routed from China. Why then would Gary, who left notes to system admins about their lack of security, be so vehemently sought after when the supposed real enemies of the free world had been their long before and in a far more organised manner? This suggests to us once more that the issues of UFOs, ET contact and secret space fleets are ranked way above day to day military secrets – perhaps of the sort the likes of China would be after? Gary both dared to look for this forbidden information and also humiliated the US Government by exposing the utter inadequacies of their network security.

It was both an early interest in the UFO issue and exposure to the infamous 2001 Disclosure Project that gave McKinnon the desire to check out what he’d heard. In one case he managed to locate the same office as key Disclosure Project witness Donna Hare mentioned in her testimony and indeed found distinct directories for NASA type images that had been pre-airbrushed [read – edited] of anomalous objects ready for distribution to more public channels.

Additionally in his network travels – it seems McKinnon may have found some of the most startling information the UFO community had come across in years. For some time now – those in the exopolitical field have concluded that what we’ll call an ‘above-government’ transnational cabal have access to back-engineered anti-gravity ships. We know this from numerous sources – from testimony of retrieved alien technology to the likes of Area 51 / S4 engineer Bill Uhouse who claimed to have worked on a UFO simulator with Edward Teller and a visiting Extraterrestrial the government called “J-Rod”. This latter case was from over 3 decades ago – so capabilities are no-doubt far advanced in the current era. Gary located information concerning “None Terrestrial Officers” and a logistics type spreadsheet of what were termed “Fleet to Fleet Transfers”. Some years back I went through the details of these with Gary and he confirmed that the ship names on these ‘Fleet to Fleet Transfer’ lists were not the names of any terrestrial, sea-going vessels. Conclude what you will from this.

In an article I wrote for UFODigest in 2008 called “Hacking Away at the Truth…” I made a couple of points seldom linked to the McKinnon case. In some severe winters around the time he was active, Britain had seen a large number of deaths of the elderly due to soaring fuel costs – leaving the poor with choices between eating and heating. Gary had made the link few people actually think of when they assume the UFO issue can be reduced to spotting endless lights in the sky – ie: if we are being visited by other intelligences or indeed we have our own advanced vehicle fleet, then systems exist to end the reliance on fossil fuels. This too is an area the small group of internet and media proponents of McKinnon’s [and many other Brits who found themselves with extradition orders based on flimsy evidence in the post 9/11 hysteria] move to the USA to face charges managed to skim over. At what point do these peoples’ uncaring consciences begin to see the wider picture – many of us have spent years highlighting – as being greater than breaking laws that should in themselves be questioned due to the archaic or power biased secrets they undoubtedly exist to protect?

The second component of this case’s history we can perhaps only now truly speak openly given Theresa May’s decision is seen as final is that of the relationship between the McKinnon campaign and the activist side of the [mostly British] UFO community who, with mostly positive intentions, aimed to both promote the findings of the likes of Gary and the Disclosure Project witnesses using the media attention his case began to attract but also simultaneously failed to realise that the legal team and family had to change tactic to avoid doing the very thing the US military were dreading: ie: creating a change in the way the media began to report the wider issues of Disclosure.

Some of the longer-term contributors to the UK Exopolitics network had both watched the case carefully since the then High Tech national Crime Squad arrived at Gary’s house to arrest him on insistence of the Americans in 2002 and thus also seen his family’s and legal teams desire to distance themselves from this aspect one it looked like the US were going to doggedly pursue the situation from around 2005 onwards. Initially it was the UFO community who formed the back-bone of highlighting the plight of Gary along with dedicated members of his close family such as his mum Janis. A clash of approaches became evident during some demos held in London because some were insistent that the legal case also include the “right to know” and full-on disclosure of Gary’s aims as we’ve discussed above. A watershed moment took place where over a series of a year or so – the UFO community were politely encouraged to keep quiet whilst a new approach of claiming Gary did his deeds due to some form of mental imbalance. At this point – it seemed that this was the one remaining avenue that could prevent extradition – and in Gary’s mum’s situation, who can question her decision to push this aspect and shut down any others?

Even within the last month or so I was contacted by someone who had filed papers to our legal system with the dual aim of both keeping Gary in England [due to an ongoing court procedure] but also to attempt to get the UFO related findings brought out in court for the public record. Now I’m sure this was done with altruistic intention but given this was now 2012 – those serving the papers had failed to pay attention to the tactic which had been adopted in place of the Disclosure issue by the family and legal team for the preceding years. In other words the more intimate individuals in the campaign had realised that despite the exopolitics community having raised the initial media interest in Gary’s plight [including trips to the House of Commons by myself], this association would end up making Gary’s pathway to the USA easier than if this side of things was made a minor issue on a PR and legal level.

Thus we began to see a more practical approach put forward – complete with high-level medical reports – this was that Gary has a degree of Aspergers Syndrome – a condition that could well include sitting for days on end staring at a computer screen with little regard for others and himself, as was the case given his drive to find the UFOlogical nuggets he sought, as well as failing to link the outcome of his hacking activity legally. Some journalists remarked that Gary was actually fairly “lucid” in interviews just prior to this new approach “if a little nerdy and withdrawn” – but skepticism aside, it’s a case of doing whatever is required to prevent a deeply unfair US justice system kicking in his door one morning and taking him away.

Even when this new tactic was in full flow by the family – some ‘activist’ members of the wider UFO field continued to complain that the information he found should be made a primary aspect of any court proceedings – whether in the US or the UK. Whilst this may have been the chance many were waiting for to finally make the case that the US military and other trans-national covert structures had been hiding new technologies from the populous for years – these people failed to put themselves in the position of Gary and his family who were aware he’d be made an example of in the USA and would rather see him free than a martyr for the Disclosure issue.

I’d love to run a quantum reality computer program and see what the result would have been if Gary’s Asperger’s condition had not been used at the forefront of his defence leaving the UFO and exotic energy issue as the main element of the case. However I have my doubts about the outcome we’ve seen this week – it could easily have riled those in the US and made it far easier for the UK government – who have proved themselves as weak ‘whipping boys” of the American imperialist agenda – to throw McKinnon to the wind and make him a none issue as far as causing diplomatic strife – given the UK/US’s “special relationship”.

So we find ourselves at a rather monumental moment this week. The UK, under Tony Blair, sheepishly followed the US lead into numerous wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and more recently the outrageous destruction of Libya – but on a situation the US had sought its own way over for a decade – the British have essentially told the US to go find something more worthy of a 60 year sentence. As an additional insult to the US – the UK will now re-examine the wholly biased UK-USA extradition agreement and hopefully make a stand against this unjust system in the coming months. Gary should now face a more realistic punishment of what we call ‘community service’ in the UK – ie: he’ll pick up litter in a local park for a few days instead of facing Guantanamo style imprisonment in a country he has no desire to set foot in.I’m hoping that once the immediate media hype of the case has died down – Gary will re-develop his interest in new energy systems and we can maybe find out his thoughts on the trial he and his family have endured for the simple “crime” of wanting to know if we really do posses UFO technology and what the prospects are for providing free energy systems for our average citizens that eradicate the monopoly of our fossil fuel based corporations who make money whilst our elderly die from choosing heat or food in the depths of a harsh British winter.

Times are changing – remember this case reached a discussion filmed live at the Whitehouse. More importantly – Gary’s case has made many people aware that the UFO issue is about far more than just examining ‘lights in the sky’ – as I posted on the front page of the UK Exopolitics site back in 2006 – and left it there right up to this moment – Gary’s case exemplifies exactly what exopolitics is about: the truth embargo on the UFO/ET issue destroys lives… Gary may just have managed to not become one of its many victims, that are no longer with us, because they had a desire to release the truth to the point where they paid with their life.

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