Tyler Bass
Forbidden Knowledge TV
May 4, 2015

NBC News Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel became the victim of an elaborate ruse by rebels affiliated with the U.S.-backed Free Syrian Army. Sunni Muslim extremists kidnapped Engel, holding and abusing him for five days starting in December 2014 – all the while convincing him they were Shiites working for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. At the direction of his kidnappers, Engel produced video propaganda calling for an end to U.S. intervention against Assad in the war-torn Middle Eastern country. The intent of his captors, in reality the North Idlib Falcons Brigade, was to frame the Syrian regime for the kidnapping.

Freed, Engel went on television show after television show in the United States to give interviews, unwittingly propagating the North Idlib Falcons Brigade’s narrative. But as Engel was describing his captors, according to former and current NBC News employees speaking to The New York Times, NBC executives had good reason to believe that U.S.-aligned groups had in fact perpetrated the kidnapping yet allowed Engel to continue to speak out of ignorance.

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