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    Alexandra Bruce
    January 28, 2014

    This documentary was suggested to me by my die-hard, indefatigable and loyal subscriber, Dennis Morrisseau, 2LT USArmy [Armor] retired – who also happens to have an excellent sense of humor.

    This independent film was produced by Dennis’ good friend and fellow-Veteran, Chris Pratt.

    Pratt’s ‘Lest We Forget’ is a grim, 28-minute documentary, that chronicles the litany of American atrocities throughout the relatively short history of my beloved country.

    American history has forever been fraught with War Crimes (never reported in the Criminal Mainstream Media).

    It has long since been time for the American Public to wake up to this pervasive and nefarious pattern of predatory actions, taken, especially staring after the signing into law of the National Security Act, which enabled “black projects to proliferate without any government oversight.

    These have been put into place, using US Taxpayer money, in the the name of the People of he United States, who have subsidized these actions, with little or no consciousness of what their money has been paying for – which, certainly could have been better spent in educational programs, for starters…

    Plus, there has been a lot of blowback from this ongoing profusion of covert- and overt activities, performed by US troops, over the decades, which have had the greatest negative impacts among the middle and lower-wage-earning Americans, whose sons and daughters have had little options available to them other than to fight these wars…for no good reason, other than to get their legs blown off.

    In its relatively short history as a nation, America already boasts multiple Holocausts, some of which, resulted in hundreds of
    thousands of brutally-murdered civilians and deformed children, to say nothing of the millions of civilian causalities and millions more human beings displaced from their homes over the past decade, alone. Some 80% of all homeless people in the US are US Veterans.

    THIS is their welcome, for performing duties in these unconscionable wars, against paper tigers, like Iraq and Afghanitsan

    Filmmaker, Chris Pratt’s own comments about the film are these:

    “This is your legacy America, a place were you now cannot kill your enemies as fast as you create them. The public has allowed the take-over and rule over what was once was a country that you could be proud of – now transformed to do the bidding of an EVIL EILTE, capable of the most heinous of crimes.

    “The Ministry of Propaganda ops – I meant, the ‘independent media’ is dedicated to the perception-management of all of the above.”

    Gone, for a long time, now is the Fourth Estate; a.k.a. the “media,” which is supposed to make public all of the questionably-legal hijinks, executed by those in power.

    Unfortunately, except for such fringe websites as, which culls much of its programming from the brightest and the best of today’s cutting-edge Alternative Media outlets, the average American remains completely ignorant of the atrocities carried out daily, in our names and and on our own dimes.

    This film reveals these inconvenient – and truly frightening truths…which, will surely come home to roost, given he unforgivable damages that we have caused, for numerous decades, on end.

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