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Alexandra Bruce
January 18, 2015

In this edition of Anarchast Jeff Berwick, in Acapulco, Mexico, talks with Dayna Martin from in “Live Free or Die” New Hampshire.

Topics include:

– Homeschooling/Unschooling
– Children’s innate thirst for knowledge
– Rethinking everything
– Age segregation
– Entrepreneurship
– Uncollege
– Radical Unschooling
– Dumbing us down

For more information on The Dollar Vigilante, go to 

For more information on Jeff Berwick’s anarchist enclave, Galt’s Gulch Chile, go to 

And, for more on the anarchist enclave in Acapulco go to

Come on down and be a guest on Anarchast and live relatively free amongst other anarchists.

Alexandra Bruce

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