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Lord Stirling gives a thorough description of how he believes the Gulf Oil tragedy has already affected the weather worldwide. The Jet Stream flows at roughly 200 mph at 5 to 7 miles above the Earth. It’s driven by warm ocean currents, notably the Gulf Stream. Stirling claims the disruption of the planet’s thermal energy exchange system has contributed to 2010’s freak weather observed in Russia, Pakistan, China, as well as in North and South America.

The 2010 grain harvest in Russia declined 31% due to an anomalous drought and will *not* be exporting wheat this Quarter, as it had for several years. This will affect
European commodities markets and food prices around the world.

The outlook is not good, with the possibility of soil conditions remaining cold through May or June and a vastly decreased growing season. Stirling predicts crop failures in the Northern Hemisphere for 2011.

The Earth goes through cyclical Ice Ages. Stirling discusses the different scenarios for the onset of an Ice Age. Evidence, in the form of “flash-frozen” mammoths found in Siberia show that there have been events where the Jet Stream has dipped down to ground level, literally freezing everything it touched within 3 days. The more common scenario is less brief but still quite rapid: The first winter lasts longer than normal, the second winter never ends and by the third winter, the ice pack has become permanent and you would do best to move your body toward warmer climes.

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